Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thank you to all Google Keyword Planner visitors!!

Hi there, and thanks for your visit. So you must really wondering what you are doing here. Well, just like everyone else in the passive income, affiliate, internet marketing or search engine optimization world out there, you are looking to get more traffic to websites, increase conversions, to get a better revenue.

And this is where I come in. I am in the same boat, and on top of it all, I don't really like to work hard when I don't see results. If anything, I love when things are simple and have no learning curve almost.

Go figure. But, after multiple years of keyword research, backlinking manually, creating profiles, accounts, websites, web 2.0, I have learned that most people fail, when they are about to hit it big.

One trick, is to obviously, manage your time better. Get tools that automate redundant tasks, save and bookmark links that you keep using all the time. Here at Seo Keyword Planner, I will focus on all the hacks and techniques that made me a successful self employed procrastinating marketer, and how I started ranking websites with no investment whatsoever.

Please stay tuned, as I will review tools, techniques, theories and strategies while helping you on your journey on becoming successful, or helping you realize (which I hope someone would have told me years ago) that some work flows, ways, tools, are not worth the time or the money to invest in.

See ya!