Thursday, November 6, 2014

8 Simple Steps Earn 3 to 5 hundred a month without giving up on your day job.


Would you like to get a passive income blogging, I thought so...
Well making enough to actually quit your day job is doable, as I explain the steps to follow.
I have written a " make 3 to 5 grand a month review here " that shows you the more in depth steps, the free tools, and the sources available online to start making a passive income blogging with the FREE blogger site you can start tonight. And the best thing is that it will not teach you what you dont need to know, It will reveal to you how i started to make a my first 1$ online, with what I KNOW BEST, and how you should think about what YOU KNOW best, and write about it.. the more ODD the subject or expertise, the better and easier and actually FASTER, you will make your first income with the blog.

Did i mention that you do not need to know how to build a website or blog? Did i mention that you do not need to invest 1$? did i mention you can do it for FREE right now? and how did i do it? well by spending too much money, and energy ( time ) on the wrong tools products and software. Then discovering what google has been telling us in a VERY simple and obvious way: Content is King.

There are ways for you to make a passive income blogging, doing 3 to 5 grand a month. here we go:

I still have your attention?

1) The first thing you do is choose a market for your blog, it could be something you know best, cars, football bets, making pictures, or something you want to learn about and will share the process: studying to become a security guard, improving your health at home as a single mom, or dad. etc.

2) The second step is research your market for your income blogging site, you must know what people like you want in that market, are there questions that constantly need answering, are there any needs and answers you can blog about, and eventually sell them.

3) Thirdly you will need to create some content to get people to your blog - you can either do this yourself or you can outsource the whole 'content creation' aspect of your business.

4) Fourthly, you will need to build that blog around your content - don't be put off by technical issues, it is easier than ever nowadays to get your site up on the web.. just simply join for free.

5) You need to get traffic to your blog - The building of the website is the easy bit, but we all need to attract people or 'traffic' to our site in order for us to make any money. Don't worry there are steps you can take to get hordes of traffic to your site but we will deal with that another time. (backlink strategy + social media sites)

6) The sixth step is where people fail: Manage your blog - you will need to keep your content updated regularly to keep attracting new visitors, the odd review and update should be enough when you have the site up and in the search engine listings.

7) Build another passive income blog- yup, you need to move on, it may have taken tremendous effort on your part to create this beautiful site, but you need to do it all over again for you to really make the big bucks!

8) Outsource it all! - yup, when you get to make your first passive income blogging, say 10$ a month, multiply it by say 10 other blogs, should be enough, then you can look to outsource the bits that you do not like to do, whether its the content creation (5$ articles from or the day to day tasks to getting traffic to each site (backlink strategy), it can be successfully outsourced.

Ok so that is the guide on how to make 3 to 5 grand a month in a passive way (automatically with little effort later on) (once you have the blog up and running, they will continue to earn you income even if you just leave them) (or heres an idea, SELL YOUR BLOG to a passionate person, with money)
"Just so you know, NO, its not easy, and its not in 30 days, but its not hard and it will be less then half a year, you will need to treat this as your 'business', with all business you will have to make a commitment, to yourself and the business for you to successfully make 3 to 5 grand a month. Your first 1$ will become 2$, then 4$ and before you know it, you will make 10$, then rinse and repeat the formula"
Where to start:
  • make 3 to 5 grand a month review revealed
  • how to get google ads on your blog
  • Ways to Make Passive Income Blogging ( a huge source with dozens of free tools articles etc )
  • BackLink strategy: Do-Follow Blog list
  • Free Social Media for traffic

Happy Passive Income Blogging.

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