Thursday, March 6, 2014

SEMRush Review: Free Keyword Tool

SEMRush being one of the best search engine optimization companies online.

I never had the opportunity to test this SEMRush keyword tool before, and yet the tool brings real added value to both SEO and SEM. Here is therefore a complete test of the tool, with a bonus a promo code for two weeks free!

What is SEMRush?

SEMRush is an analysis tool that allows to retrieve information related to key words, competitors and traffic volumes. This can be used both for SEO analysis and for sponsored links.

For each keyword, for example can retrieve:

related keywords
the volume of traffic
cost per click
the evolution of the key word
Adwords ads
growth trends

How to use SEMRush?

The tool is divided into several separate parts. Be aware that for each item presented in this article, you can have full of each data for each site or competitive retail. In other words, it is excellent to find new ideas of content, ads or keywords.

Another plus, all tables are exportable in CSV for Excel.

SEMRush and competition

The first large part is analyzing other sites in your industry. On the home page, click 'See Your Competitors' in the slider to access the page of tendency of the areas.
SemRush Slider

Navigate to the trends in the areas

Here, you can learn the different areas you want to analyze in the graph. Thus, you will be able to compare:

the estimated traffic volume
the number of key words on which stand out the various sites
estimated traffic acquisition cost
data on paid advertisements

And here is an example:
Comparison of several domains with SEMRush

Comparison of several domains with SEMRush

This first analysis gives an idea of the size of competitors order.

The tool then make a specific analysis on a field, or your, or that of your competitors. In the search engine, enter the site you want to analyze. In this article, I will take as an example the site Clubic. The first page gives you quick access to the main information of the site. What will be interesting, it is the left menu in which you can have the detail of every aspect.

Organic Keywords

SEMRush provides us with the keyword list on which the analyzed site is positioned. For each expression, we have access to:

the position of the site for the keyword
the volume of traffic (and its share in the total traffic of the site)
the CPC
the URL referenced
the number of results for that keyword
the evolution of this keyword

Natural key words and competition with SEMRush

Key words natural and competition

Ads Keywords

The second report gives us exactly the same information, but this time on the keyword (s) on which the site uses a system of sponsored links.
Paid keywords and competition with SEMRush

Paid keywords and competition

Organic Competitors

For the analyzed site, this new menu list the main competitors, by number of keywords in common. For each, SEMRush provides the following information:

the number of common expressions
the number of keywords than the competitor site positioned in 2 pages of results
traffic estimated
the number of keyword (s) on which the site bids

SEMRush: List of competitors in SEO

List of competitors in SEO

Ads Competitors

As its name suggests, SEMRush done same here with competitors that are positioned on key words common in SEM. You will then have:

the list of competing sites
the number of key words in common
key words on which they bid
traffic and the estimated cost of ads
SEO keywords on which they are positioned

SEMRush: list of competitors in SEM

List of competitors in SEM

Ads text

SEMRush will list then all ads of the target site, what give you ideas of ads, content or keywords in SEM and SEO
The domain announcements

The domain announcements

Potential Ads Buyer and Sellers

These two menus are then all the sites to create ads that appear on your site, and sites that could conversely show ads.

Backlinks and Adsense report

It comes to the two most recent reports. One deals with links pointing to your site, one of the Adsense ads. Unfortunately, data are relatively little reliable and complete for the moment. It is better to turn to the specific tools to handle this type of data.

For any competition analysis, I recommend the following video which provides in English some of the aspects I have just to explain:
SEMRush, SEO and SEM

All previous menus have given us already valuable information about your site and your competitors. Theoretically, at this point, you have already recovered quite a bit of information for your future content, ads and keywords to target. SEMRush then allows an analysis centered on a keyword or phrase.

Main Keyword Report

The first page of analysis gives you the main information on the targeted keyword:

the level of competition in SEM
The volume of queries on this keyword (exact search)
The number of results
The evolution of the keyword

The domain announcements

The basic information about the keyword

Then, the second table lists any query that includes the keyword that you are targeting, all to find new relevant expressions.
SEMRUsh Phrase Match Report

SEMRush list expressions that include the keyword

The third table lists key words relative and close to the theme
SEMRush list close expressions of the keyword

The tool list close expressions of the keyword

Finally, SEMRush gives you the first 20 sites positioned on the query.
20 first page positioned on the keyword list

20 first page positioned on the keyword list

And here is a video that shows you everything:
SEMRush defects

Any tool is not perfect. SEMRush is an excellent service but has some shortcomings. Include for example:

Adsense and Backlinks reports that are not relevant for the french market
a lack of information for some queries FR long drags

SEMRush is going to have the same deficiencies as any SEO tool: the size of the database. At this level, SEMRush is not so bad but you will always have a mismatch between the advertised and actual figures (as does also the tool of keywords in Adwords for example...).
SEmRush Pro or free

Like any tool also good quality, the free version is limited and will give you access to a very small fraction of the data you want to analyze.

The professional version allows you to access the tool API, to 3000 queries per day with 10000 results requested for each report.
SEMRush rates

SEMRush rates

Now, I urge you to try the tool, especially since Seo Keyword Planner offers two free weeks to thoroughly test the tool with code:

Free SEMRush for 2 weeks

Get your free SEMRush keyword tool for 2 weeks. You can directly access the right tool here: SEMRush


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