Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Can You Make A Profit With Bring The Fresh Review by The Rich Jerk: Kelly Felix

As I was looking around to find a good marketing plan and method to make a little bit of extra income on the side from all my website ventures, (as always) I stumbled upon one of these forum slash websites that promises amazing results and incredible knowledge plus an action plan that goes with it. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for a great method with steps to follow, and even follow up emails to guide and upsell me some products, software, and search engine techniques.

One of them was the "bring the fresh" knowledge base forums and internet marketing community you join, launched by Kelly Felix from "The Rich Jerk" a few years back. You quickly learn some common sense in this dog eat dog digital world. Some of it is obviously promoting someone's product with by pre-selling it through your website's traffic, your email subscribers, social media, or media buy techniques, be it Adwords, Buysellads or other.

One questions I always ask myself is: Can I make a profit despite the cost of this product, and another is: Is it worth the effort and time. Bring the fresh is not a secret sauce or software or advanced technique, but rather a community of people whom you will learn a lot of great internet marketing techniques for your passive income journey. Here is something I can tell you:

One of the mistakes of some affiliates on the internet is that they do not do the promotion of affiliate product but sell it. Be aware that your role is not to sell the product because you are not the seller and it is up to him to do so.

All you need to do is create a pre-purchase or pre selling State in the mind of the customer. Push them in the right direction to want to buy whatever you advise them without however having anything to sell yourself.

In doing so you pass not only as an adviser but as someone who has already maybe tested the product and wish to recommend it to others. This way you will benefit from it, because your visitors may purchase the product as soon as they will arrive on the sales page for the product in question, thou it be say Bring The Fresh or some other affiliate product that you can get commission off of. In fact there are 4 important things that you must consider before writing your presale page to be successful online.

(1) first of all, you must know your goal. What is the purpose of your presale, and what kind of response do you expect from your prospects? Most people can say that their presale page is simply a page that builds a bridge to the provider of the sales page, but that is what most of the other affiliates could do.
A more effective strategy might be to slowly begin to build an email subscriber list and provide value to their list by offering them a good solid content. Finally, they are connected with you and are more inclined to buy through your affiliate link that you established apart from your competitors. (don't be afraid to share personal events or stories to create a human touch and relationship)

(2) Secondly, you will need to know your target audience. The affiliate who is able to understand more their perspective is one that will make more sales and get better conversions.

Some things that you might need to know is their gender, their age, their problems, their profession, their average income and more. A way to get all this information by visiting web sites search and It will tell you the demographic characteristics of visitors to the site in particular; good for affiliates who want to learn more about their prospects.

Let's say that you have identified the major profile of your future customer, such as a white middle class woman average in her late 30s who is sick and tired of looking for ways to supplement her income with a new online blog. Knowing this, you can better shape your page and write a killer headline that really speaks for her.

(3) Thirdly, you need to know more details about the affiliate product you're promoting. Or if you have your own product, make sure you know why your product was created, how it was done, who did, and who has it. When you know such details, this will allow you to better prepare you to write your presale page.

(4) and finally, you must infiltrate the benefits of that product or service. Remember the list of benefits, not features.
A feature is what the product is (for example: makes you lose 15 pounds in 5 days) while an advantage is the function that it will do to solve their problem (for example: lose 15 pounds in 5 days so you can run around with your dog or kids, or travel the world..). There is a big difference between them and most of the prospects do not like the characteristics of the product, they focus only on what it can do for them.

With the Bring The Fresh product, there is a lot of common sense that you can learn. Don't expect to become a rich jerk like Kelly Felix did by following 100% of what he says, but rather be smarter, think outside the box and OBSERVE what he is doing, and Do it yourself.

As a personal note: The shortcut to success is to learn as fast as you can, that hard and smart work pays off, and shortcuts don't always work.