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8 Simple Steps Earn 3 to 5 hundred a month without giving up on your day job.


Would you like to get a passive income blogging, I thought so...
Well making enough to actually quit your day job is doable, as I explain the steps to follow.
I have written a " make 3 to 5 grand a month review here " that shows you the more in depth steps, the free tools, and the sources available online to start making a passive income blogging with the FREE blogger site you can start tonight. And the best thing is that it will not teach you what you dont need to know, It will reveal to you how i started to make a my first 1$ online, with what I KNOW BEST, and how you should think about what YOU KNOW best, and write about it.. the more ODD the subject or expertise, the better and easier and actually FASTER, you will make your first income with the blog.

Did i mention that you do not need to know how to build a website or blog? Did i mention that you do not need to invest 1$? did i mention you can do it for FREE right now? and how did i do it? well by spending too much money, and energy ( time ) on the wrong tools products and software. Then discovering what google has been telling us in a VERY simple and obvious way: Content is King.

There are ways for you to make a passive income blogging, doing 3 to 5 grand a month. here we go:

I still have your attention?

1) The first thing you do is choose a market for your blog, it could be something you know best, cars, football bets, making pictures, or something you want to learn about and will share the process: studying to become a security guard, improving your health at home as a single mom, or dad. etc.

2) The second step is research your market for your income blogging site, you must know what people like you want in that market, are there questions that constantly need answering, are there any needs and answers you can blog about, and eventually sell them.

3) Thirdly you will need to create some content to get people to your blog - you can either do this yourself or you can outsource the whole 'content creation' aspect of your business.

4) Fourthly, you will need to build that blog around your content - don't be put off by technical issues, it is easier than ever nowadays to get your site up on the web.. just simply join for free.

5) You need to get traffic to your blog - The building of the website is the easy bit, but we all need to attract people or 'traffic' to our site in order for us to make any money. Don't worry there are steps you can take to get hordes of traffic to your site but we will deal with that another time. (backlink strategy + social media sites)

6) The sixth step is where people fail: Manage your blog - you will need to keep your content updated regularly to keep attracting new visitors, the odd review and update should be enough when you have the site up and in the search engine listings.

7) Build another passive income blog- yup, you need to move on, it may have taken tremendous effort on your part to create this beautiful site, but you need to do it all over again for you to really make the big bucks!

8) Outsource it all! - yup, when you get to make your first passive income blogging, say 10$ a month, multiply it by say 10 other blogs, should be enough, then you can look to outsource the bits that you do not like to do, whether its the content creation (5$ articles from or the day to day tasks to getting traffic to each site (backlink strategy), it can be successfully outsourced.

Ok so that is the guide on how to make 3 to 5 grand a month in a passive way (automatically with little effort later on) (once you have the blog up and running, they will continue to earn you income even if you just leave them) (or heres an idea, SELL YOUR BLOG to a passionate person, with money)
"Just so you know, NO, its not easy, and its not in 30 days, but its not hard and it will be less then half a year, you will need to treat this as your 'business', with all business you will have to make a commitment, to yourself and the business for you to successfully make 3 to 5 grand a month. Your first 1$ will become 2$, then 4$ and before you know it, you will make 10$, then rinse and repeat the formula"
Where to start:
  • make 3 to 5 grand a month review revealed
  • how to get google ads on your blog
  • Ways to Make Passive Income Blogging ( a huge source with dozens of free tools articles etc )
  • BackLink strategy: Do-Follow Blog list
  • Free Social Media for traffic

Happy Passive Income Blogging.

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Highest Paying Adsense Keywords

Top of The Highest Paying Adsense Keywords (2015)

Find more paying words to operate with adsense...

It is difficult to know exactly how a word or phrase can bring in passive income with Adsense. Some offer a list of the most paying Adsense keywords while that data on this subject are continually changing. Whatever it is, those who exploit the most lucrative niche want to preview their possible revenue. It just that there are clicks at $ 0.01 and others more than $1.00 and even other words at $ 10 a click and more. After 1000 clicks, it can mean a difference of a $ 10 to $ 10000 income. It is best for you to then focus to write content that will generate the maximum amount of money.

Although it is not a magic recipe, one of the best ways to consider this constantly evolving market is to use the tool provided in the Google Adwords program to estimate traffic. The latter is the tool made available to companies and users who wish to promote their products by advertisements through the Adsense network.

What it is with the prediction of traffic with the AdWords tool, it is that it tells clients, namely you, what it would cost each click to the general public, an announcement of his choice displayed premiering on the Adsense network when the desired words appear in a content or are sought directly by users on Google.

To search with the tool:

• Enter a phrase search by line in the large tile,
• Select "all countries and territories".
• You can leave the other free fields
• Click on continue

You will then be able to see the maximum estimated price for each of your phrases and keywords, search volume for these words in Google, as well as an estimate of clicks on these ads on the internet through all the ads associated with the words that you are looking for.

You will thus have a better idea of subjects which it is worth lingering in order to enrich themselves.

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Start a blog to travel: the wrong way to monetize a blog

Start a blog to travel 'win $9000 with a travel blog... nothing the first year'. Here is the title of the first of the 4 videos of pre-launch training start a blog to travel, this blogger's. We had the opportunity to Exchange several times together over the years and we rejects little last summer when I came back to Europe. This blogger asked me my expert opinion concerning his training: here it is. With training 'start a blog to travel', you apprednrez the basics to create your travel blog. But you will not learn how to monetize it...

Training registrations are closed since last Sunday, but hey, it may not always be within the time :). At least, I can in this article be 100% objective.

I started blogging in 2009. I am independent since 2011 and recognized as a digital Nomad (I also write this article since the Colombia). I shoot my earnings of several websites and webmaster services, including some with several bloggers in the field of travel. This training would be destined to also become a digital Nomad: start a blog to travel.

On the form, «start a blog to travel» is a rare quality training

start blogging to travel
I took quite a lot of video training online and the first reaction to this blogger videos: Waaaoouuhh! This is pro! You can feel the button «David Jay! It is worked in a mini-studio, with a teleprompter, the videos are accompanied by very good quality Powerpoint animation. This blogger seems like the traveller perfect. He is handsome, he speaks well, he smiles and he motivates... It is very pleasant to watch. On the form, nothing to complain about. It is a very good job.

On the bottom, you will learn how to create your travel blog (and to monetize it?)

The message is clear: This blogger will help you assemble a travel blog that will allow you to finance your holidays, your travels or your round the world: initial brainstorming, choice of the name of the blog, the domain name, the template, definition of the editorial line (of niche if possible), WordPress installation, first, first invited initial comments dofollowSEO in search engine strategy... Classic. Need to know: it is a formation that is clearly intended for beginners. It also reminds me my module "Create a blog" that I taught in the Alliances Françaises. Regarding the promise of starting, this blogger focuses the strategy of monetization of a blog on blogs and sponsored links (what is the great problem of its training - I come back in the last section of this article). It's actually the lure of his training, the core marketing which puts into action. Yet, this monetization strategy is not all good.

Here is the list of the blogging training modules for travel:

Module 1: the indispensable foundations for good design blog

This blogger explains to clients what I call for different projects on which I worked the brainstorming phase. Choice of the theme, main keywords, study of competition and choice of categories of his blog. It is pretty short but the main phases of the brainstorming are almost all addressed, apart from that of monetization that ought to be central. For example, the categories and the editorial line should be defined at the outset in relation to the products or services that may be linked.

It also lacks a Board that seems essential to me: how to stand out from the competition? This should be rule number 1! With all the travel blogs found on the internet, it is essential to be different, otherwise, it will inevitably drown in the mass...

Module 2: installing his blog and the tools necessary to become a flagship blogger

This blogger presents the creation of a domain name, hosting personal on OVH purchasing, installing WordPress, choice and installation of the graphic theme. The majority of this module is shot through the screen as a tutorial. It is complete enough and there are some good tips, including how to configure WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Module 3: create content that will appeal to readers and Google

In his 'start a blog to travel' training, this blogger explains what kind of article work well (article 'list', 'tutorial' or 'shock'), how choose the main keyword of the article (with Google Keyword Planner), how to choose a good title or how to use the WordPress Editor. There is good advice, but even once, nothing is worn on monetization. Traffic that is not targeted on a product or a service you will only serve to increase your stats, your hearing, your Facebook fans but will not turnover bring you.

Module 4: promote its site and articles

This blogger addresses in this module the traffic acquisition strategy. Listing in directories, in forums, comments in the blogosphere, link exchanges... Some of its points are essential indeed, but require a lot of work. Note that this blogger proposes to use Alexa or SEMRush to analyze the backlinks of competitors. This is a very good technique used by SEOs, certainly tedious, but provides good results when it is used intelligently.

Module 5: make money with her blog and go travel

The lure of gain, and it is well known in Web marketing, is a powerful lever to make sales. It is also one of the main levers of sale that uses this blogger in his blogging training to travel. 2 points are treated: links or sponsored items sale and the achievement of 'good plans travel' (i.e. Exchange of visibility against nights of hotels for example). But here goes: every good thing has an end and these monetization techniques are from early 2014 down very sharply...
The monetization of sponsored links is doomed to disappear (it is perhaps already the case)... You can no longer focus your strategy of monetization on sponsored links, at the risk of losing your readership!

start a blog to travel and monetize
Google fighting for several years already the sponsored links. After several algorithms, Google engineers have clearly understood that it was very difficult, if not impossible, to identify efficiently and automatically articles and sponsored links. Google France teams check therefore manually from internet sites and if they realize they are selling links, they penalize them. This is called a manual action of type 'dummy outgoing links '. Result of a penalty: PR0 and decrease traffic by at least 50%, or more than 70% if the links are not removed quickly. And if the penalty is withdrawn after a decline in traffic, all the evidence I've read say that it is very difficult to recover its traffic of the past. Many advocate squarely in this case to change the domain name!

Since the history of Buzzea, many travel blogs have fallen. In my network, it is at least 10 bloggers who were concerned. They have seen their PR 0 and have due tediously removed all their sponsored links (or implement nofollow). I have the impression that the team of Google France operates once per month, on Friday. Each time, dozens of blogs are concerned.

Advertisers were aware of this transfer (some are all similarly trolling by incompetence) and change strategy. We can hope that they continent to work for lower rates with nofollow links or posts featured on networks.

Unless having very high traffic, it is therefore essential to monetize a blog to have an entrepreneurial strategy. It means, sell products or services. It is the base of the undertaking and the blogosphere will not escape there. Study the American market and you will quickly understand. This change in the design of a blog the brainstorming phase and the study of the market. In my opinion, but I may be a little hard, only blogs that sell products and services will be able to survive in this decision-making from Google, which is of course investing in the fight against the sponsored links because they represent a direct competition to their main source of income: Google Adwords and Google Adsense. This is done this blogger, selling courses...

Can we really become a blogger and travel?

This blogger said in one of his videos that can "manage his blog without a laptop computer", "from Internet cafes' or 'since a tablet or a smartphone. Is anything exaggeration! Blogging is a very time consuming activity. Even more so when one is beginning, that we do not control tools that allow you to be productive and that was not optimized and automated its processes of work. Imagine the galley in a cybercafe in Burundi, with a 0.5 Mbps connection and a qwerty keyboard (this is life)! All passenger bloggers I know that generate at least $500 CA travel long and settled for several days or several weeks on their trips to take care of their blog. They travel with their laptop. Also, the Internet is for me a priority during my travels. I can not afford to lose 50% of productivity due to a wobbly internet connection.

In short, Blogger-traveler is a very special traveler, far from the clichés you can imagine. And it is very difficult to gather 2 activities, especially when your blog finance your travels. Careful therefore not too fast to the shortcut.

Conclusion on formation "start a blog to travel"

start a blog to travel is surely one of the best French-language training to create a travel blog. The content is quality and we can only congratulate the blogger and its partners for their work. It is a formation that only caters to beginners or bloggers who have no knowledge of SEO. Let US be frank: the marketing bait is, however, misleading. Could generate a correct income via the links sponsored in recent years, but today, it's finished. And above all, do not overlook the power of Google on the internet. A few days after he has penalized Buzzea to buy or sell links and blogs sponsored, the advertising was for sale...

News and travel, start a blog to travel, travel blog monetization, blogging curtail travel
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Custom Url Shortener

There are several url shortening services or even custom shorteners like the known/important,,, Some services are offered by big players in the web like Google with and some sites of micro blogging like Twitter with tweetburner/twurl. The objective of this article is not to quote all services of shortening of urls (urls shortener services) but trying to understand if there is any SEO benefits derived from their utilization. I will however make a small benchmarck of the main existing shorteners 7 criteria-based urls.

Custom url shorteners (or urls shortening services? What's that?) a bit of a do...

We are operating in a world of micro-blogging, communities and social networks where every character counts and that`s a bit of a do. The shortening of urls services are there to allow us to transform a url that is long, complex, with lots of incomprehensible parameters sometimes, to a url very very short 10 maximum character.

For example, when you want to share a url of this type:,d.bGQ

This may not pass by mail, since some mail clients cut on the first line not to mention that some people (ex: my mom) will not click out of fear of receiving a virus or other malware (yup, it still exists, I promise you :-)). Finally, some sites like twitter do not accept more than 140 characters per message while this url alone has way more... etc you tighten so happy to make this long url in, no? As you can see the value of having such services. ( is so far my favorite)

Custom URL shortener: what advantage does it have for SEO?

Searching the web implementation examples succeeds this url shortening service, I realized that the whole point of the service is either marketing or functional but brings no benefit in terms of pure white hat SEO optimizations. (because the blackhat ones are many) Here I draw a few conclusions:

1. the primary objective of the use of the custom url shortener is no SEO since thus used links pass no credit to the destination page. (most being 302 redirections)

2. There is a question of reliability of the services that could make a havoc on the website building or promoting community and social networks if these shortening services came to a fall. If they all became 'dead' (dead links) preventing links / killing all of the sharing of information on networks.

3 from a usability or user experience standpoint, the use of these services remain very useful since it is always easier to find/share a shorter link versus as a long and complete one. This is especially true since some services of micro-blogging like twitter limits the number of characters in your message to 140.

4. from a SEO standpoint, there therefore is no direct advantage since the links redirect 301/302 or by javascript (for certain urls shorteners as to the choice to landing pages.

A good practice is therefore to use a 301 permanent redirect but it might not transmit all the credit (link juice) to the destination page. There is therefore no interest to prefer this type of service (from an SEO perspective) to a good and solid link which, meanwhile, will forward any popularity and will also incidentally know/recognize the brand as we clearly see the domain name (in the case of micro blogging or social networks).

Benchmarck of 3 custom urls shorteners services:

There exists dozens of good services of shortening for your urls and now it seems like one is created daily... (hence how to pick one to use it in your daily blogging and sharing? to answer this question, here's a little benchmarck of the article Danny Sullivan: URL Shorteners: Which Shortening Service Should You Use?
Here is the comparison of 15 shortening services and is based on seven criteria, namely:

1. the type of redirection HTTP (301-permanent or temporary-302),

2. the possibility of tracker urls (for statistical purposes for example),

3. the length of the url (http://xxx.yy/) database,

4. the length of the variable part (ID),

5. the ability to customize

6. the possibility of sharing the url

7. the total length of the url.

custom url shorteners

There are several other services shortening of urls which are not illustrated here, so you can apply the 7 criteria used above above to select your favorite ones.

I am writing this article to prove that as of today, I don't see any advantages in terms of pure white hat SEO. If you see some benefits, do not hesitate to share via comments and open discussion ;-)

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Alternative Keyword Tools: The best of all lists.

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How To Use Keyword Planner For Seo: Ultimate Guide, Reviews, Tools and Sources with Links

Hey everyone. So this is going to be a curated source of very insightful articles that will surely help you out as it helped me out in my ventures when creating niche sites for yourself or clients. Feel free, in the comments section, to post your links to wise articles, sources, reviews and tools of what helps you rank sites that add real value to this community.

Without further delay, here is:

How to use the keyword tool for search engine optimization.

Is Reading Grade Level a Google Factor?

It may come as a surprise to any seo guru on what you can learn when exploring this question. I personally was ignorant about it. Among many factors and algorithms that are already overwhelming to keep up with to try and know what influences page rank and or search engine result position of a site, I have found this amazing study by's wertwert (his user name on, and he says as quoted:
"Personally, I think the readability algorithm is flawed because it is based on the notion that words with fewer syllables are more readable. But if we went to a 5th grade class and asked the students to define “cartoon” and “cherub” I know which one they will get wrong more often and they are both two syllable words. The algorithm does not account for how commonly words are used. Also if you went back 150 years the results of my example would probably be reversed." - source:
I have also found this article super useful with a list of over 204 google ranking factors. It will surely help you start having an actionable plan and strategy to improve the ranking of your websites and let me tell you, that it ain't the classic backlinks-and-lots-of-original-unique-content-because-content-is-king kinda crap. I love how +Brian Dean eloquently simplifies otherwise complex notions in his curated ranking factors article on Here's a snippet of what I found super useful in my research about relevancy signals:

"2. Keyword Appears in Top Level Domain: Doesn’t give the boost that it used to, but having your keyword in the domain still acts as a relevancy signal. After all, they still bold keywords that appear in a domain name.

13. Keyword in Description Tag: Another relevancy signal. Not especially important now, but still makes a difference.

14. Keyword Appears in H1 Tag: H1 tags are a “second title tag” that sends another relevancy signal to Google, according to results from this correlation study by

Do H1 tags help SEO rankings
photo sourece:

15. Keyword is Most Frequently Used Phrase in Document: Having a keyword appear more than any other likely acts as a relevancy signal.

19. LSI Keywords in Title and Description Tags: As with webpage content, LSI keywords in page meta tags probably help Google discern between synonyms. May also act as a relevancy signal.

24. Image Optimization: Images on-page send search engines important relevancy signals through their file name, alt text, title, description and caption.

28. Keyword Prominence: Having a keyword appear in the first 100-words of a page’s content appears to be a significant relevancy signal.

29. Keyword in H2, H3 Tags: Having your keyword appear as a subheading in H2 or H3 format may be another weak relevancy signal. SEOMoz’s panel agrees:

H2 tags for seo ranking
photo source:

32. Outbound Link Theme: According to SEOMoz in, search engines may use the content of the pages you link to as a relevancy signal. For example, if you have a page about cars that links to movie-related pages, this may tell Google that your page is about the movie Cars, not the automobile.

49. Page Category: The category the page appears on is a relevancy signal. A page that’s part of a closely related category should get a relevancy boost compared to a page that’s filed under an unrelated or less related category.

50. WordPress Tags: Tags are WordPress-specific relevancy signal.  According to in their article on

    “The only way it improves your SEO is by relating one piece of content to another, and more specifically a group of posts to each other”
" - source, and much more information :  
+Navneet Kaushal mainly from shares the latest google keyword planner updates station multiple amazing additions to our favorite free keyword research tool, saying:

  • Breakdowns by Device and Location: Data is presented in the form of a visual graph to allow advertisers understand the expected contribution from all devices. Get a breakdown of volume estimates by each device and different geo-targeting options.
  • Comparing Mobile Trends with Other Devices: Google is now showing the distribution of mobile vs. desktop searches in Keyword Planner. You can visualize and compare mobile trends with that of other devices. While mobile trends will be displayed in green, the total volume across others devices will be in blue.
  • Compare VS Previous Time Period: You can also perform keyword volume comparisons based on specific time period. These are displayed in a visual graph. If the time period is set from January 2014 to March 2014, Google will compare and display results for October 2013 to December 2013.
  • Visualize Search Volume Trends: Webmasters can now get keyword suggestions and volume estimates within a specific time period. A bar graph showing details on every month will provide a visual of changes over time. You can just move mouse over each bar to view details on each month separately.
- Source and more at about Flexible time periods and Visualizations and Estimates.
Now this will be an ever growing list and guide which I will come back to often once relevant and good information is found. Also, please tell me how you use the keyword planner or other research tool for search engine optimization here below. This is basically, my personal notes and insightful techniques and knowledge that changes and influences how I do create my niche sites and help others rank their business or personal websites. Feel free to have violent allergic reactions, standing ovations or simply add your golden 2 pennies in the comments.

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Optimizely: Best A/B Testing Tool Review, Pricing. Try it for FREE. The Visual Website Optimizer

If you are anything like me, you always want to make sure you own the best tools possible for the job.. and also that you never stay behind the latest trending methods just so you can keep ranking sites and consulting business'.

Learn How To Increase Company Revenu For Free


With a to b testing your landing pages of your website. Start with the so claimed best multivariate optimization testing software out there and increase your conversion rate.


I stumble upon (recently) the tool called Optimizely, which helps you to figure out what A/B testing is, if you don't know allready, with their free simple visual guide available online. Also, they are now hiring, so if you are looking for a job in that domain, feel free to give them a shout! You can easily look through their available positions on the websites. Basically, its where you can test different variations of your website.

By Split Testing: You Put The Best Practices and Strategies on Your Side.


Optimizely - A B Multivariate Testing Tool Review and PricingI wanted to make an honest review about optimizely but it is too early for me to say what I personally think. I for sure know that there are some of you experts out there who know way way more then me so, as I am here to learn, please let me know what you think in the comments below so that everyone can share their opinion and get a better understanding on that piece of software. The stage I am at right now, is trying to find out what is multivariate testing, and what is ab testing,  because I don't think I ever encountered a simple yet effective actionable plan.

As for their pricing, The cheapest and lowest plans start at 17$ a month, then 71$, then 359$ and more, for their Platinum version for more then 200 000 visitors.

Also, it is cheaper if you pay yearly, you get 10% off, and biyearly (for 2 years) you get 20% off.

The Best Visual Website Optimizer?

You can try Optimizely for free! I did with my site. So what is your review and point of view of this so called visual website optimizer?

Seo Traffic Hacks: Terry Kyle

Have you done a review recently of the techniques shared on those forums? I would be super glad to hear from you in my comment section to see what has worked for you and was it lucrative. Worth your time, money and effort? Is the seo traffic hacks something you can apply to your daily routine or do you have to completely change your workflow to rank sites high with social media signals, switchbox marketing, press releases like, Rebelmouse parasites ranking higher then most other newly launched web 2.0 etc.

Im here to lear just like you. So if SEO is your game, and traffic is your name, then blackhat stuff like hacks should be lame.... no? (rhymes)

See ya.

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Can You Make A Profit With Bring The Fresh Review by The Rich Jerk: Kelly Felix

As I was looking around to find a good marketing plan and method to make a little bit of extra income on the side from all my website ventures, (as always) I stumbled upon one of these forum slash websites that promises amazing results and incredible knowledge plus an action plan that goes with it. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for a great method with steps to follow, and even follow up emails to guide and upsell me some products, software, and search engine techniques.

One of them was the "bring the fresh" knowledge base forums and internet marketing community you join, launched by Kelly Felix from "The Rich Jerk" a few years back. You quickly learn some common sense in this dog eat dog digital world. Some of it is obviously promoting someone's product with by pre-selling it through your website's traffic, your email subscribers, social media, or media buy techniques, be it Adwords, Buysellads or other.

One questions I always ask myself is: Can I make a profit despite the cost of this product, and another is: Is it worth the effort and time. Bring the fresh is not a secret sauce or software or advanced technique, but rather a community of people whom you will learn a lot of great internet marketing techniques for your passive income journey. Here is something I can tell you:

One of the mistakes of some affiliates on the internet is that they do not do the promotion of affiliate product but sell it. Be aware that your role is not to sell the product because you are not the seller and it is up to him to do so.

All you need to do is create a pre-purchase or pre selling State in the mind of the customer. Push them in the right direction to want to buy whatever you advise them without however having anything to sell yourself.

In doing so you pass not only as an adviser but as someone who has already maybe tested the product and wish to recommend it to others. This way you will benefit from it, because your visitors may purchase the product as soon as they will arrive on the sales page for the product in question, thou it be say Bring The Fresh or some other affiliate product that you can get commission off of. In fact there are 4 important things that you must consider before writing your presale page to be successful online.

(1) first of all, you must know your goal. What is the purpose of your presale, and what kind of response do you expect from your prospects? Most people can say that their presale page is simply a page that builds a bridge to the provider of the sales page, but that is what most of the other affiliates could do.
A more effective strategy might be to slowly begin to build an email subscriber list and provide value to their list by offering them a good solid content. Finally, they are connected with you and are more inclined to buy through your affiliate link that you established apart from your competitors. (don't be afraid to share personal events or stories to create a human touch and relationship)

(2) Secondly, you will need to know your target audience. The affiliate who is able to understand more their perspective is one that will make more sales and get better conversions.

Some things that you might need to know is their gender, their age, their problems, their profession, their average income and more. A way to get all this information by visiting web sites search and It will tell you the demographic characteristics of visitors to the site in particular; good for affiliates who want to learn more about their prospects.

Let's say that you have identified the major profile of your future customer, such as a white middle class woman average in her late 30s who is sick and tired of looking for ways to supplement her income with a new online blog. Knowing this, you can better shape your page and write a killer headline that really speaks for her.

(3) Thirdly, you need to know more details about the affiliate product you're promoting. Or if you have your own product, make sure you know why your product was created, how it was done, who did, and who has it. When you know such details, this will allow you to better prepare you to write your presale page.

(4) and finally, you must infiltrate the benefits of that product or service. Remember the list of benefits, not features.
A feature is what the product is (for example: makes you lose 15 pounds in 5 days) while an advantage is the function that it will do to solve their problem (for example: lose 15 pounds in 5 days so you can run around with your dog or kids, or travel the world..). There is a big difference between them and most of the prospects do not like the characteristics of the product, they focus only on what it can do for them.

With the Bring The Fresh product, there is a lot of common sense that you can learn. Don't expect to become a rich jerk like Kelly Felix did by following 100% of what he says, but rather be smarter, think outside the box and OBSERVE what he is doing, and Do it yourself.

As a personal note: The shortcut to success is to learn as fast as you can, that hard and smart work pays off, and shortcuts don't always work.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Google Keyword Tool: For Organic SEO - Don't Make Negative SEO a BIG DEAL!

Seo Consultant - Adrian Boro

SEO consultant - Adrian Boro.

It is with sound knowledge in web development and a perfect mastery of HTML code that we offer you the best chance to succeed quickly your SEO strategy! Technological choices, concrete solutions: our expertise of experienced SEO architects is at the service of your visibility on Google and social networks.

Targeted traffic: Inbound Marketing solution

Your approach in digital strategy is the best possible: choosing SEO Organic is a profitable investment! To fly this approach with finesse, we offer SEO consultant or coach of company services adapted to the dimensions of your business. Now we all know that the old google keyword tool got replace by the planner, and these are some basic knowledge needed to avoid negative and bad mistakes.

We can thus help you to choose relevant keywords tendering of targeted traffic, develop your long drags (long tail), initiate the start of a new page, or even refine the positioning of your web pages in line with the target of your site.
Who are we?

We are specialists in the Web marketing and can quickly bring you traffic Internet qualified in relation to your expectations. Both parties are listening to associate two complementary approaches in the service of your project.

A pure technical profile necessary to flatten all the possible options at the level of the technological optimizations on your site: integration of HTML tags and operations boost the possibilities of PHP languages coupled with type MySQL databases. Your content is to the maximum of its capacity to conquer your visitors and to create positive interactions with users.

Profile marketing consultant e-business at best practice communication and selling online. Writing to the ergonomics of navigation, the user experience is decrypted to be in perfect harmony with your real goals and positioning of your site. Your web pages are thus analyzed and studied with you to give the best of them even!
Choose a freelance SEO consultant

It is a very good idea you have there! With a better closeness and unmatched flexibility, our benefits are commensurate with your requirements: reactive and custom. Our skills are made available to your goals quickly. less formalities and charges also much less!

Our search engine optimization service gets best results on the keywords of your choice via a wide range of recommendations and constantly renewed external links to quality resources. You are thus referenced on expressions in line with actual research of Internet users. Dominate the first page of Google in a few weeks! With a well thought-out quality strategy, the effective implementation of our technical recommendations or editorial and a bit of one-time investment, you can quickly obtain good results, more durable they are consistent with your digital identity. In line with the actual research of Internet users and the potential volume of targeted traffic, efforts implemented are used with intelligence, thus avoiding wastage of time.
Development of web sites

A flagship of our interactive agency activity: the creation of powerful and intuitive websites. All types of sites, all constraints, we study and advise you on all your desires to give them a practical reality. We can also support a project developed in Responsive Web Design for better accessibility on mobile devices like tablets or smartphones.
Quick reference
Having a website is nothing if it is not known from net surfers. Only a volume of traffic can provide a good return for your e-commerce project. Opt for SEO as your business strategy brings you a free and sustainable traffic: it is an investment for the future.
First page Google

We have implemented a service tailored to your objectives coupled with a guarantee of results from 6 months of optimized backlinking... Because we love your challenges!

The mission of the SEO consultant is structured in three essential areas of work to optimize your presence on the web. This proven methodology provides the complete range of possible actions for SEO: it identifies factors punitive and levers to operate to optimize your visibility on the current state of your website and its main pages.

Each of these steps are completely severable: however we recommend that you follow the following diagram:
Course for a visibility strategy

  • Technical audit: identify the level of optimization
  • Strategic analysis of the semantic relevance
  • Rapid analysis of the notoriety of the site on social networks
  • Establishment of a progressive backlinking campaign phase

First step: a detailed audit that puts the focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the site to promote. A point is then written on the current state of the project and the advancements: through a phase of advice's recommendations are established to the client. This is to identify the factors that penalize your web site and to provide a technical solution to each specific problem. The way the HTML is generated or the general architecture of the distribution of links on your pages are analyzed. An exhaustive list of the points to change or improve you is then given: this technical audit is intended to optimize the accessibility of your web pages to the search engines like Google.

Although recommended, this benefit is an integral part of the service provided by SEO consultant: study and specifically analyze a site and its problems. It is therefore quite possible to run a SEO campaign without going through this phase of optimization.

Once the technical proposals and editorial of the phase of consulting adopted, step of SEO or netlinking can then start. Depending on your goals and the key words you are targeting, we can here also bring you tips and suggestions for a better return on investment.
A SEO adapted to your needs

In some questions, we offer you an SEO campaign for a spot on the first page of Google France for your web site. A few weeks are sufficient to start a visibility success strategy!

We have an approach of SEO and SEO techniques inspired by the web development. Because the total control of web pages is the key to success to propel them optimally.

And as we have a technological approach of our discipline, we can also make the necessary changes to your web pages via our web development services. We also urge you to take the advice of the Technical Director of your website to engage these optimization work. In the same vein, we can provide practical recommendations to your community manager to optimize your brand-related publications.
A SEO contextualised, so more efficient
SEO support
Available and on constant standby, Simon Tripnaux can answer all your questions by email and detail points that you seem complicated to understand. Actions can be followed with simple tools for a clear vision of the situation.

By definition, an expert SEO's business will bring his knowledge to enhance the content of existing web pages, take a new look on the real added value of the project, analyze the popularity of the site target in its competitive environment as cultural. Its tasks are both in an audit situation and the adaptation of the recommendations to the realities of the company: make the link between the skills internally, external service providers and policy makers, for example.

A strong web culture focused on results, that is what we propose major accounts as at the SOHO / SME of all sizes. SEO geocoding, in a defined territory or for one-time transactions thus makes perfect sense in the context of optimization of resources. There is no need to position a website on market places in which a client can not operate: visitors to Lyon are not a potential target for the craftsman or the architect of the Paris region, in most cases.
Custom web solutions

The Internet can bring great services to your business and improve your profitability. We bring you customized solutions quickly online and adapted to your needs. With or without specification, we can accompany you to clarify your needs.

Look for a webagency in touch with their google keyword tool skills in the past, and relevant know how with the new planner, so they know the difference between organic and paid, plus broad and exact match keywords.

With more than a million unique visitors on all our sites, our web agency is an editor recognized in the French landscape. We are in the heart of the web and its actors as well as in harmony with rural surroundings of very high quality. Because Internet connects worlds, and we are the proof by example!

A web agency focused on your actual expectations with results!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Negative Seo: Five Dollar Marketing

Negative Seo services: Fiverr Seo gigs that work!

So I have yet to meet one person who simply had an idea to launch a site, spent 5$ on online marketing and had attracted an amazingly qualified and demographically targeted audience or web traffic if you will. But hey, I may be wrong. Most website owners, though it be for a business or a product, have it in their nature to pay the least and get the most results, something some call the most effective and scalable return in investment (ROI). Well for your invested effort, time or money to be most optimally used, you need everything to be measurable, somewhat predictable and preferably scalable to a greater level. Wow! Ain't that the most fine-dine way to say: you get what you pay for?!

Well what do you think that you will learn in marketing school that you think will give you an edge in your marketing career, which you can use in the real life. Or rather the web world. Yes.. That was kind of a question. My answer is: not much can be achieved without your nature to think outside of the box. Be creative, guerilla marketing style like a real goon, and here comes the negative Seo idea. I like to call it my five dollar marketing.

So what you do is take calculated risks. Start 3 similar free blogs, similar articles in each wih similar keyword densities, but if one becomes successful, make sure real people get real unique amazing content. Like the Disney Pixar movie Robots: see a need, fill a need. Find 2 amazing blogs or websites that are in the same market or niche. Go to fiverr, pick5 gigs for your Seo campaign, order 1 per site, with the best and long tail keyword for your three new blogs, and pick competitive and hard to rank for short tail (if that's even a thing) for the two really known blogs, but also include the name of your new blogs as anchor texts to those well established ones.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

SEMRush Review: Free Keyword Tool

SEMRush being one of the best search engine optimization companies online.

I never had the opportunity to test this SEMRush keyword tool before, and yet the tool brings real added value to both SEO and SEM. Here is therefore a complete test of the tool, with a bonus a promo code for two weeks free!

What is SEMRush?

SEMRush is an analysis tool that allows to retrieve information related to key words, competitors and traffic volumes. This can be used both for SEO analysis and for sponsored links.

For each keyword, for example can retrieve:

related keywords
the volume of traffic
cost per click
the evolution of the key word
Adwords ads
growth trends

How to use SEMRush?

The tool is divided into several separate parts. Be aware that for each item presented in this article, you can have full of each data for each site or competitive retail. In other words, it is excellent to find new ideas of content, ads or keywords.

Another plus, all tables are exportable in CSV for Excel.

SEMRush and competition

The first large part is analyzing other sites in your industry. On the home page, click 'See Your Competitors' in the slider to access the page of tendency of the areas.
SemRush Slider

Navigate to the trends in the areas

Here, you can learn the different areas you want to analyze in the graph. Thus, you will be able to compare:

the estimated traffic volume
the number of key words on which stand out the various sites
estimated traffic acquisition cost
data on paid advertisements

And here is an example:
Comparison of several domains with SEMRush

Comparison of several domains with SEMRush

This first analysis gives an idea of the size of competitors order.

The tool then make a specific analysis on a field, or your, or that of your competitors. In the search engine, enter the site you want to analyze. In this article, I will take as an example the site Clubic. The first page gives you quick access to the main information of the site. What will be interesting, it is the left menu in which you can have the detail of every aspect.

Organic Keywords

SEMRush provides us with the keyword list on which the analyzed site is positioned. For each expression, we have access to:

the position of the site for the keyword
the volume of traffic (and its share in the total traffic of the site)
the CPC
the URL referenced
the number of results for that keyword
the evolution of this keyword

Natural key words and competition with SEMRush

Key words natural and competition

Ads Keywords

The second report gives us exactly the same information, but this time on the keyword (s) on which the site uses a system of sponsored links.
Paid keywords and competition with SEMRush

Paid keywords and competition

Organic Competitors

For the analyzed site, this new menu list the main competitors, by number of keywords in common. For each, SEMRush provides the following information:

the number of common expressions
the number of keywords than the competitor site positioned in 2 pages of results
traffic estimated
the number of keyword (s) on which the site bids

SEMRush: List of competitors in SEO

List of competitors in SEO

Ads Competitors

As its name suggests, SEMRush done same here with competitors that are positioned on key words common in SEM. You will then have:

the list of competing sites
the number of key words in common
key words on which they bid
traffic and the estimated cost of ads
SEO keywords on which they are positioned

SEMRush: list of competitors in SEM

List of competitors in SEM

Ads text

SEMRush will list then all ads of the target site, what give you ideas of ads, content or keywords in SEM and SEO
The domain announcements

The domain announcements

Potential Ads Buyer and Sellers

These two menus are then all the sites to create ads that appear on your site, and sites that could conversely show ads.

Backlinks and Adsense report

It comes to the two most recent reports. One deals with links pointing to your site, one of the Adsense ads. Unfortunately, data are relatively little reliable and complete for the moment. It is better to turn to the specific tools to handle this type of data.

For any competition analysis, I recommend the following video which provides in English some of the aspects I have just to explain:
SEMRush, SEO and SEM

All previous menus have given us already valuable information about your site and your competitors. Theoretically, at this point, you have already recovered quite a bit of information for your future content, ads and keywords to target. SEMRush then allows an analysis centered on a keyword or phrase.

Main Keyword Report

The first page of analysis gives you the main information on the targeted keyword:

the level of competition in SEM
The volume of queries on this keyword (exact search)
The number of results
The evolution of the keyword

The domain announcements

The basic information about the keyword

Then, the second table lists any query that includes the keyword that you are targeting, all to find new relevant expressions.
SEMRUsh Phrase Match Report

SEMRush list expressions that include the keyword

The third table lists key words relative and close to the theme
SEMRush list close expressions of the keyword

The tool list close expressions of the keyword

Finally, SEMRush gives you the first 20 sites positioned on the query.
20 first page positioned on the keyword list

20 first page positioned on the keyword list

And here is a video that shows you everything:
SEMRush defects

Any tool is not perfect. SEMRush is an excellent service but has some shortcomings. Include for example:

Adsense and Backlinks reports that are not relevant for the french market
a lack of information for some queries FR long drags

SEMRush is going to have the same deficiencies as any SEO tool: the size of the database. At this level, SEMRush is not so bad but you will always have a mismatch between the advertised and actual figures (as does also the tool of keywords in Adwords for example...).
SEmRush Pro or free

Like any tool also good quality, the free version is limited and will give you access to a very small fraction of the data you want to analyze.

The professional version allows you to access the tool API, to 3000 queries per day with 10000 results requested for each report.
SEMRush rates

SEMRush rates

Now, I urge you to try the tool, especially since Seo Keyword Planner offers two free weeks to thoroughly test the tool with code:

Free SEMRush for 2 weeks

Get your free SEMRush keyword tool for 2 weeks. You can directly access the right tool here: SEMRush

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Google Keyword Planner: Seo Traffic Hacks

Fast Access to Google Keyword Planner right here

No more exact match feature... Look at some screenshots:

This is the new keyword tool for your seo planning

The brand new google keyword tool replacement for research and planning
Snif snif,  ;-( Yes you read it well. Google withdrew its fabulous keyword tool to search and know the volumes of exact match research of the keywords. (the number one reason why a lot of seo experts now use alternative tools)

Until recently, when you logged on the Google keywords generation tool, you had a following message:

"The keyword tool will not be available in a few months. "To get keyword ideas, try the new key words planning tool, which simplifies further searching for key words."

Check my new case study about seo traffic hacks (gathering data as we speak). You can help too!

Why Google withdrew its keyword generation tool?

Google removes its keywords generator and replaces it with the KeyWord Planner tool that combines KeyWord Tools (keywords generator) and Traffic (traffic generator) estimator.

So this is a change that must be taken into account to do the SEO planning work to the level of searching for domain names and keywords of the long tail type.

Only those who have an Adwords account will be able to use the Keyword planner tool. The Google company wants more targeted development of Adwords and is reserving this tool to their customers...

It remains to be seen now whether Google will reserve this tool to those who have an Active Adwords campaign or not...

How does the new tool: Keyword Planner work?

This new tool provides the same functionality as the old. We'll look over some basics on how it works.

I would remind you that it is thanks to this tool you can find names of areas and interesting niches. It notably allows you to know what are the volumes of research of the keywords, and be very very precise with it.

So in the end, according to the results of your research, you can know whether or not it is easy to rank on the keywords you have chosen.

Connect directly to this tool by clicking the top fast link (to connect, it must have a Gmail account).

Once you are connected, go to "Search for keywords and ad groups ideas"

In our example we want to search the keyword "Automobile" ideas. Typing our keyword in the field "Your product or service" and then set targeting options.

The particularity of this new tool is geo-targeting. Remember, in the old tool you could not target by country as precisely as it is possible now. Now, you can even target search by cities volumes.

This geotargeting is perfect for those who wish to focus on specific requests to their activity (for example, a restaurant that mounts in Paris).

Once your set a geographic target, you are more than welcome to click on "Get ideas". Then, position yourself on the 'Ideas of keywords' tab to see directly the suggestions that offers this tool.

On the second column, you see the average number of monthly searches (smoothed over the last 12 months) depending on the geographic location chosen.

In an example, you can see that Parisians seeks lets say the Auto keyword on Google on average 590 per month.

As on the former tool, you can always export the list of ideas for keywords with search on Excel volumes.

To do this, click on 'Add all' at the top right of the table. You will see this on the right of your screen.

Finally click on the 'Download' button and then select the EXCEL format to download your keyword list. On your list you will see that the results are more accurate than the old tool.


The new Google tool seems more functional than the old one to some, yet the exact match not being as present as before, its a lack for some. Hence why many are now using alternative tools. Geo-targeting is a big plus for the accuracy of the results of research in Excel and its volumes.

Note also the lack of options for targeting on PC, Smartphone and tablet which now seem to be merged into one.

(Check out this other Free Keyword tool review by SEMRush right here)

Hopefully now that this tool is free for those who have an account at Gmail (and Adwords)..

And you, what do you think of this change?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thank you to all Google Keyword Planner visitors!!

Hi there, and thanks for your visit. So you must really wondering what you are doing here. Well, just like everyone else in the passive income, affiliate, internet marketing or search engine optimization world out there, you are looking to get more traffic to websites, increase conversions, to get a better revenue.

And this is where I come in. I am in the same boat, and on top of it all, I don't really like to work hard when I don't see results. If anything, I love when things are simple and have no learning curve almost.

Go figure. But, after multiple years of keyword research, backlinking manually, creating profiles, accounts, websites, web 2.0, I have learned that most people fail, when they are about to hit it big.

One trick, is to obviously, manage your time better. Get tools that automate redundant tasks, save and bookmark links that you keep using all the time. Here at Seo Keyword Planner, I will focus on all the hacks and techniques that made me a successful self employed procrastinating marketer, and how I started ranking websites with no investment whatsoever.

Please stay tuned, as I will review tools, techniques, theories and strategies while helping you on your journey on becoming successful, or helping you realize (which I hope someone would have told me years ago) that some work flows, ways, tools, are not worth the time or the money to invest in.

See ya!