Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Google Keyword Planner: Seo Traffic Hacks

Fast Access to Google Keyword Planner right here

No more exact match feature... Look at some screenshots:

This is the new keyword tool for your seo planning

The brand new google keyword tool replacement for research and planning
Snif snif,  ;-( Yes you read it well. Google withdrew its fabulous keyword tool to search and know the volumes of exact match research of the keywords. (the number one reason why a lot of seo experts now use alternative tools)

Until recently, when you logged on the Google keywords generation tool, you had a following message:

"The keyword tool will not be available in a few months. "To get keyword ideas, try the new key words planning tool, which simplifies further searching for key words."

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Why Google withdrew its keyword generation tool?

Google removes its keywords generator and replaces it with the KeyWord Planner tool that combines KeyWord Tools (keywords generator) and Traffic (traffic generator) estimator.

So this is a change that must be taken into account to do the SEO planning work to the level of searching for domain names and keywords of the long tail type.

Only those who have an Adwords account will be able to use the Keyword planner tool. The Google company wants more targeted development of Adwords and is reserving this tool to their customers...

It remains to be seen now whether Google will reserve this tool to those who have an Active Adwords campaign or not...

How does the new tool: Keyword Planner work?

This new tool provides the same functionality as the old. We'll look over some basics on how it works.

I would remind you that it is thanks to this tool you can find names of areas and interesting niches. It notably allows you to know what are the volumes of research of the keywords, and be very very precise with it.

So in the end, according to the results of your research, you can know whether or not it is easy to rank on the keywords you have chosen.

Connect directly to this tool by clicking the top fast link (to connect, it must have a Gmail account).

Once you are connected, go to "Search for keywords and ad groups ideas"

In our example we want to search the keyword "Automobile" ideas. Typing our keyword in the field "Your product or service" and then set targeting options.

The particularity of this new tool is geo-targeting. Remember, in the old tool you could not target by country as precisely as it is possible now. Now, you can even target search by cities volumes.

This geotargeting is perfect for those who wish to focus on specific requests to their activity (for example, a restaurant that mounts in Paris).

Once your set a geographic target, you are more than welcome to click on "Get ideas". Then, position yourself on the 'Ideas of keywords' tab to see directly the suggestions that offers this tool.

On the second column, you see the average number of monthly searches (smoothed over the last 12 months) depending on the geographic location chosen.

In an example, you can see that Parisians seeks lets say the Auto keyword on Google on average 590 per month.

As on the former tool, you can always export the list of ideas for keywords with search on Excel volumes.

To do this, click on 'Add all' at the top right of the table. You will see this on the right of your screen.

Finally click on the 'Download' button and then select the EXCEL format to download your keyword list. On your list you will see that the results are more accurate than the old tool.


The new Google tool seems more functional than the old one to some, yet the exact match not being as present as before, its a lack for some. Hence why many are now using alternative tools. Geo-targeting is a big plus for the accuracy of the results of research in Excel and its volumes.

Note also the lack of options for targeting on PC, Smartphone and tablet which now seem to be merged into one.

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Hopefully now that this tool is free for those who have an account at Gmail (and Adwords)..

And you, what do you think of this change?