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How To Use Keyword Planner For Seo: Ultimate Guide, Reviews, Tools and Sources with Links

Hey everyone. So this is going to be a curated source of very insightful articles that will surely help you out as it helped me out in my ventures when creating niche sites for yourself or clients. Feel free, in the comments section, to post your links to wise articles, sources, reviews and tools of what helps you rank sites that add real value to this community.

Without further delay, here is:

How to use the keyword tool for search engine optimization.

Is Reading Grade Level a Google Factor?

It may come as a surprise to any seo guru on what you can learn when exploring this question. I personally was ignorant about it. Among many factors and algorithms that are already overwhelming to keep up with to try and know what influences page rank and or search engine result position of a site, I have found this amazing study by's wertwert (his user name on, and he says as quoted:
"Personally, I think the readability algorithm is flawed because it is based on the notion that words with fewer syllables are more readable. But if we went to a 5th grade class and asked the students to define “cartoon” and “cherub” I know which one they will get wrong more often and they are both two syllable words. The algorithm does not account for how commonly words are used. Also if you went back 150 years the results of my example would probably be reversed." - source:
I have also found this article super useful with a list of over 204 google ranking factors. It will surely help you start having an actionable plan and strategy to improve the ranking of your websites and let me tell you, that it ain't the classic backlinks-and-lots-of-original-unique-content-because-content-is-king kinda crap. I love how +Brian Dean eloquently simplifies otherwise complex notions in his curated ranking factors article on Here's a snippet of what I found super useful in my research about relevancy signals:

"2. Keyword Appears in Top Level Domain: Doesn’t give the boost that it used to, but having your keyword in the domain still acts as a relevancy signal. After all, they still bold keywords that appear in a domain name.

13. Keyword in Description Tag: Another relevancy signal. Not especially important now, but still makes a difference.

14. Keyword Appears in H1 Tag: H1 tags are a “second title tag” that sends another relevancy signal to Google, according to results from this correlation study by

Do H1 tags help SEO rankings
photo sourece:

15. Keyword is Most Frequently Used Phrase in Document: Having a keyword appear more than any other likely acts as a relevancy signal.

19. LSI Keywords in Title and Description Tags: As with webpage content, LSI keywords in page meta tags probably help Google discern between synonyms. May also act as a relevancy signal.

24. Image Optimization: Images on-page send search engines important relevancy signals through their file name, alt text, title, description and caption.

28. Keyword Prominence: Having a keyword appear in the first 100-words of a page’s content appears to be a significant relevancy signal.

29. Keyword in H2, H3 Tags: Having your keyword appear as a subheading in H2 or H3 format may be another weak relevancy signal. SEOMoz’s panel agrees:

H2 tags for seo ranking
photo source:

32. Outbound Link Theme: According to SEOMoz in, search engines may use the content of the pages you link to as a relevancy signal. For example, if you have a page about cars that links to movie-related pages, this may tell Google that your page is about the movie Cars, not the automobile.

49. Page Category: The category the page appears on is a relevancy signal. A page that’s part of a closely related category should get a relevancy boost compared to a page that’s filed under an unrelated or less related category.

50. WordPress Tags: Tags are WordPress-specific relevancy signal.  According to in their article on

    “The only way it improves your SEO is by relating one piece of content to another, and more specifically a group of posts to each other”
" - source, and much more information :  
+Navneet Kaushal mainly from shares the latest google keyword planner updates station multiple amazing additions to our favorite free keyword research tool, saying:

  • Breakdowns by Device and Location: Data is presented in the form of a visual graph to allow advertisers understand the expected contribution from all devices. Get a breakdown of volume estimates by each device and different geo-targeting options.
  • Comparing Mobile Trends with Other Devices: Google is now showing the distribution of mobile vs. desktop searches in Keyword Planner. You can visualize and compare mobile trends with that of other devices. While mobile trends will be displayed in green, the total volume across others devices will be in blue.
  • Compare VS Previous Time Period: You can also perform keyword volume comparisons based on specific time period. These are displayed in a visual graph. If the time period is set from January 2014 to March 2014, Google will compare and display results for October 2013 to December 2013.
  • Visualize Search Volume Trends: Webmasters can now get keyword suggestions and volume estimates within a specific time period. A bar graph showing details on every month will provide a visual of changes over time. You can just move mouse over each bar to view details on each month separately.
- Source and more at about Flexible time periods and Visualizations and Estimates.
Now this will be an ever growing list and guide which I will come back to often once relevant and good information is found. Also, please tell me how you use the keyword planner or other research tool for search engine optimization here below. This is basically, my personal notes and insightful techniques and knowledge that changes and influences how I do create my niche sites and help others rank their business or personal websites. Feel free to have violent allergic reactions, standing ovations or simply add your golden 2 pennies in the comments.

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Optimizely: Best A/B Testing Tool Review, Pricing. Try it for FREE. The Visual Website Optimizer

If you are anything like me, you always want to make sure you own the best tools possible for the job.. and also that you never stay behind the latest trending methods just so you can keep ranking sites and consulting business'.

Learn How To Increase Company Revenu For Free


With a to b testing your landing pages of your website. Start with the so claimed best multivariate optimization testing software out there and increase your conversion rate.


I stumble upon (recently) the tool called Optimizely, which helps you to figure out what A/B testing is, if you don't know allready, with their free simple visual guide available online. Also, they are now hiring, so if you are looking for a job in that domain, feel free to give them a shout! You can easily look through their available positions on the websites. Basically, its where you can test different variations of your website.

By Split Testing: You Put The Best Practices and Strategies on Your Side.


Optimizely - A B Multivariate Testing Tool Review and PricingI wanted to make an honest review about optimizely but it is too early for me to say what I personally think. I for sure know that there are some of you experts out there who know way way more then me so, as I am here to learn, please let me know what you think in the comments below so that everyone can share their opinion and get a better understanding on that piece of software. The stage I am at right now, is trying to find out what is multivariate testing, and what is ab testing,  because I don't think I ever encountered a simple yet effective actionable plan.

As for their pricing, The cheapest and lowest plans start at 17$ a month, then 71$, then 359$ and more, for their Platinum version for more then 200 000 visitors.

Also, it is cheaper if you pay yearly, you get 10% off, and biyearly (for 2 years) you get 20% off.

The Best Visual Website Optimizer?

You can try Optimizely for free! I did with my site. So what is your review and point of view of this so called visual website optimizer?

Seo Traffic Hacks: Terry Kyle

Have you done a review recently of the techniques shared on those forums? I would be super glad to hear from you in my comment section to see what has worked for you and was it lucrative. Worth your time, money and effort? Is the seo traffic hacks something you can apply to your daily routine or do you have to completely change your workflow to rank sites high with social media signals, switchbox marketing, press releases like, Rebelmouse parasites ranking higher then most other newly launched web 2.0 etc.

Im here to lear just like you. So if SEO is your game, and traffic is your name, then blackhat stuff like hacks should be lame.... no? (rhymes)

See ya.