Friday, March 7, 2014

Negative Seo: Five Dollar Marketing

Negative Seo services: Fiverr Seo gigs that work!

So I have yet to meet one person who simply had an idea to launch a site, spent 5$ on online marketing and had attracted an amazingly qualified and demographically targeted audience or web traffic if you will. But hey, I may be wrong. Most website owners, though it be for a business or a product, have it in their nature to pay the least and get the most results, something some call the most effective and scalable return in investment (ROI). Well for your invested effort, time or money to be most optimally used, you need everything to be measurable, somewhat predictable and preferably scalable to a greater level. Wow! Ain't that the most fine-dine way to say: you get what you pay for?!

Well what do you think that you will learn in marketing school that you think will give you an edge in your marketing career, which you can use in the real life. Or rather the web world. Yes.. That was kind of a question. My answer is: not much can be achieved without your nature to think outside of the box. Be creative, guerilla marketing style like a real goon, and here comes the negative Seo idea. I like to call it my five dollar marketing.

So what you do is take calculated risks. Start 3 similar free blogs, similar articles in each wih similar keyword densities, but if one becomes successful, make sure real people get real unique amazing content. Like the Disney Pixar movie Robots: see a need, fill a need. Find 2 amazing blogs or websites that are in the same market or niche. Go to fiverr, pick5 gigs for your Seo campaign, order 1 per site, with the best and long tail keyword for your three new blogs, and pick competitive and hard to rank for short tail (if that's even a thing) for the two really known blogs, but also include the name of your new blogs as anchor texts to those well established ones.

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