Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Optimizely: Best A/B Testing Tool Review, Pricing. Try it for FREE. The Visual Website Optimizer

If you are anything like me, you always want to make sure you own the best tools possible for the job.. and also that you never stay behind the latest trending methods just so you can keep ranking sites and consulting business'.

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With a to b testing your landing pages of your website. Start with the so claimed best multivariate optimization testing software out there and increase your conversion rate.


I stumble upon (recently) the tool called Optimizely, which helps you to figure out what A/B testing is, if you don't know allready, with their free simple visual guide available online. Also, they are now hiring, so if you are looking for a job in that domain, feel free to give them a shout! You can easily look through their available positions on the websites. Basically, its where you can test different variations of your website.

By Split Testing: You Put The Best Practices and Strategies on Your Side.


Optimizely - A B Multivariate Testing Tool Review and PricingI wanted to make an honest review about optimizely but it is too early for me to say what I personally think. I for sure know that there are some of you experts out there who know way way more then me so, as I am here to learn, please let me know what you think in the comments below so that everyone can share their opinion and get a better understanding on that piece of software. The stage I am at right now, is trying to find out what is multivariate testing, and what is ab testing,  because I don't think I ever encountered a simple yet effective actionable plan.

As for their pricing, The cheapest and lowest plans start at 17$ a month, then 71$, then 359$ and more, for their Platinum version for more then 200 000 visitors.

Also, it is cheaper if you pay yearly, you get 10% off, and biyearly (for 2 years) you get 20% off.

The Best Visual Website Optimizer?

You can try Optimizely for free! I did with my site. So what is your review and point of view of this so called visual website optimizer?

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